T.E. Rosenberg

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University of London

Terry Rosenberg is Head of Design at Goldsmiths. He is a practicing artist and design theorist. His research pivots around two thematic loci - namely, the "representation of ideas" and "ideation through representation". He is interested in how we model thought (the settled) and how we think (un-settled idea) in representational models. He regularly presents papers at conferences on these themes, has contributed chapters to books and has published a book on drawing. In addition, he is actively engaged in researching through designing. He is the Project Leader on one of the research projects of a Leverhulme funded research programme, goldsmiths media research programme. The project titled the 'Mediatised View' is to design scopic devices for the London Eye. The devices are 'discursive objects' engaging with, amongst other things, the performance of the 'spectral' in mixed reality constructions and the effect of new technologies on the production of socio-cultural space.

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal