Ross McLeod

Real name: 

Senior Lecturer Interior Design
School of Architecture and Design
RMIT University

Ross McLeod has spent the last twenty years engaged in a practice that traverses the nexus between art and design. The central premise of this studio-based research eschews the conception of materiality and physical form as the central concern in the fashioning of objects and spaces, and embraces the comprehension of the physical fields that shape sensorial experience as its primary concern. The introduction of these perceptions into the site-specific nature of the urban realm provides the opportunity to expose the many layers of interpretation, contextual reference and potential metaphors inherent within the shaping of the sensorial qualities of space. In such a practice the essential design act is no longer viewed as being concerned solely with the conceiving of the structure of the built environment but rather is involved in the shaping of spatial experience. To this end the practice engages in producing, curating, exhibiting, documenting and publishing works that extend the boundaries of contemporary design practice and the sensibilities that surround it.

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal