Keith Robertson

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Dr. Keith Robertson is a Senior Lecturer in Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology. He teaches theory and research methods in Honours Core Subjects, Information Design and Visual Language. Keith's education was first in Graphic Design at Prahran technical College, then an Honours Degree in Sociology from LaTrobe University. He was part of the team that established Cinema Papers magazine where he became their founding art director. Throughout the 80's, he joined McPhee Gribble Publishes as their founding art director during which he won a number of design awards. In 1990 he became a full-time lecturer in Graphic Design at RMIT. While at RMIT, Keith was published in Emigre Magazine, Eye and Looking Closer 1. He returned to Sociology at La Trobe in 1991 to commence his PhD on the sociology of graphic design, titled The Sign in Graphic Design.The thesis explores the social context of graphic design through the semiotic analysis of a wide range of contemporary magazines and explores the social function of design through the development of the Graphic Design Code and its social origins.

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