Kathleen Vaughan

Real name: 

Department of Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University

Kathleen Vaughan is an artist, writer and educator, and also Assistant Professor of Art Education at Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec), where she teaches darkroom and digital photography and photography education to undergraduate students and theories and practices of studio engagement and art as research to graduate students. Her visual work in mixed media explores issues of identity and belonging, love and loss, and the ethics and aesthetics of relations to people, communities and natural places, and has been exhibited in Canada and the Netherlands. Current research interests include the ethics of relations between species, questions of value and issues of use in art and life, and explorations of artist/teacher identities in emerging professionals. She continues to elaborate her long-term methodological inquiry into collage as an artist’s method for interdisciplinary research, based in the Canadian research creation model.

More about Kathleen can be found on her website, www.akaredhanded.com