Gabriel A. Maher

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Gabriel A. Maher is a designer with a background in interior architecture who is currently living and working in the Netherlands. Maher’s practice is essentially focused on relationships between body and structure and an interest in objects and systems. Questioning design practices through queer and feminist frameworks has become a core position and approach. Until 2012, Maher practiced and taught interior architecture and design in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia—during this time being awarded the SIDA Foundation Mary White Memorial Scholarship from the University of New South Wales, nominated for the Vice Chancellors Distinguished Teaching Award while teaching at RMIT University and lastly, in 2011, becoming the recipient of the SIDA Foundation Travelling Scholarship. In 2014, upon completion of a Master’s degree in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, Maher received the Keep An Eye Foundation Grant and Gijs Bakker Award— and in 2015 became the recipient of a Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie Development Grant for the Netherlands.

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal