Danut Zbarcea

Real name: 

Department of Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University

As a practicing artist and art teacher, Danut Zbarcea is actively engaged in making and researching art as an inclusive medium for a multidisciplinary and multicultural process. Danut continually explores social, cultural, technological, ethical and ecological issues that pose intellectual challenges for the educational design community. He has a professional background in law, graphic arts and installation art practice and has worked collaboratively with artists, journalists, writers and editors. In his creative practice, Danut use contemporary print media and classical and digital photography to build an educational process and perspectives.

As a doctoral student in Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal, Danut’s current research interests include: art practice and communication across hypermedia, communication interfaces and media ethics, the rhetorical and violent language of hypermedia, the complex effects of hypermedia language on viewer (as indirect participant of the process of construction of knowledge in hypermedia), educational strategies of awareness and reflection practices related to the language of hypermedia. During his artistic and educational career he has published, presented and exhibited work across these diverse areas and continues to pursue a multi-disciplinary perspective in his linked practices.

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal