Dagmar Reinhardt

Real name: 

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
The University of Sydney

Dagmar Reinhardt is a Lecturer of Digital Architecture at the University of Sydney where she currently coordinates Architectural Communications and leads the Master of Digital Architecture Research. Reinhardt shares reinhardtjung | architecture and design in theory and practice* with partner Alexander Jung; a registered architectural office based in Frankfurt and Sydney. reinhardtjung, a research-led practice that develops architecture through buildings, installations and curatorial work, publications, academic education and research, has been widely published and received a number of awards. Reinhardt's research engages the technological and affective potentials of a latent, performative, phenomenal architectural design. Such unfolding performance is addressed as a latent potential embedded in design, through an organisational, structural, material expression of 'unfigured', non-finite form(ation), able to develop as change in operation, stimulating sensation and experience.

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal